St. Raphael Ministries

Shrines of Mexico - Pilgrimage

 Mexico City, Our Lady of Guadalupe - Our Lady of Remedies - Shrine of St Michael Shrine of the 5th Apparition ( Tulpetlac) - Ocotlan/Tlaxcala - Puebla

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Comments by some of the previous years  Pilgrims

"This pilgrimage reinforced and deepened my faith.  I felt very close to heaven and loved by God and my fellow men.  In the churches  we visited I could feel the holiness of the places and the love of the people in their artistic expressions in the churches". - R.  Baca

"The pilgrimage was indeed magnificent both in content and in the fellowship that resulted therefrom. The prayers and care for each other were the highpoints of this pilgrimage, making it different". - Orlando Pena. Phillippines.

"During Victoria Pantoja's prayer for inner healing at the Church of Our Lady's V Apparition, I was healed of complications due to angioplasty.  These 2 surgeries had left a large swollen bruise on the upper right side of my body, I had pain on the right leg which made walking difficult and tired easily.  During the prayer the swelling and bruise disappeared, the surgery scars began to heal.  I have regained my strength and I am walking briskly on a daily basis .   Praise be to Jesus and Mary." - Berty Jussen

" I was honored to celebrate Mass in all the shrines we visited." - Fr. Ted Shipp.

"Every pilgrimage has a special anointing from our Lord and a call from his Holy Mother Mary.  Every year we wonder in awe at the sacrifices the pilgrims make,  traveling long distances to pay homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose miraculous image is still intact after 475 years."  - Carlos & Victoria Pantoja